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Vernon Litigation Group details Activity in V10 Structured Notes in Arbitration claim filed on behalf of $1 million investor

The Vernon Litigation Group is currently pursuing FINRA arbitration claims against UBS Financial Services, Inc. (CRD #8174). The claims arise out of V10 structured note wrongdoing by UBS in connection with accounts in Naples, Florida, but which also involved issues in Utah, throughout the U. S., and London, England. In fact, news media in the… Read more »

Vernon Litigation Group and the Carrigan law firm file $1 million in securities fraud claims against UBS for Lehman principal protected note conduct in Texas state court

Houston, Texas — Attorneys for investors have filed $1 million in securities fraud charges in Texas state court against UBS in an effort to force UBS to answer for its Lehman principal protected note sales in a public court case versus private industry-sponsored arbitration. Trial lawyer Stephen Carrigan, who has hired nationwide investor protection law… Read more »

Wall Street using principal protected notes and other structured products to borrow collateral-free billions from main street investors

Naples, Florida — The Vernon Litigation Group law firm is warning retirees to beware of structured products, principal protected notes, reverse convertible notes, and other structured products that Wall Street firms have increasingly dumped on conservative main street investors. “The financial industry is effectively using structured products to borrow billions of dollars from Main Street… Read more »

UBS dumped defective structured products on retirees

The sale of Lehman notes and other structured products by UBS is a classic example of why doing business with a Wall Street firm is hazardous. These Wall Street firms periodically use their own client base – including many fixed-income retired investors – as a dumping ground for defective products, including structured notes and reverse… Read more »

Lehman Principal Protected Notes Investor Awarded $2.2 Million in FINRA Arbitration

In another clear signal that Lehman Notes investors may be able to recoup their losses, a FINRA Arbitration Panel sided this week with a wealthy couple who bought Lehman “100% principal protected” notes and other Lehman structured notes from UBS. Even better news for investors who have suffered Lehman losses is FINRA’s ruling that UBSmust not only buy back the… Read more »

Lehman’s bankruptcy exposed wrongdoing of other Wall Street Players

On the two year anniversary of its collapse and bankruptcy filing, many contend that Lehman Brothers hid the full extent of its problems from the outside world until the bankruptcy.  While this may be true with respect to main street investors, don’t let Wall Street fool you into thinking that its major players didn’t see it coming…. Read more »

ARS and Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes sales pushed by UBS: A double dose of disgust

Vernon Litigation Group’s ongoing investigation of the sale of Lehman Brothers structured notes by UBS is turning up evidence consistent with the allegations of wrongdoing made by New Hampshire securities regulators against UBS. The Vernon Litigation Group investigation and the claim from securities regulators reveal a pattern of behavior by UBS that shows that the firm aggressively… Read more »

Investor wins again in Lehman note arbitration case against UBS

Lehman structured note investors have reason to celebrate again. With the latest Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration ruling announced last week, UBS customers who lost money on Lehman Brothers principal protected notes are now five for five, with the decisions going against UBS and in favor of the customers in every reported case. In the latest reported… Read more »