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Lehman bankruptcy liquidation to provide poor recovery to 100 percent principal protected notes investors says Vernon Litigation Group investor advocacy law firm

Naples, Fla. — Investors holding Lehman 100 percent principal protected notes or other Lehman structured products are now receiving word that their share of the initial Lehman bankruptcy distribution on April 17 amounts to 6 cents on the dollar. “We’ve been informed by a representative of Wilmington Trust, the bankruptcy trustee that is handling Lehman… Read more »

UBS fraudulently hawked Lehman principal protected notes to clients,Vernon Litigation Group investor claim states

Naples, Fla. — UBS fraudulently misrepresented Lehman principal protected notes in a heavy sales push to its brokerage firm clients at a time when it was systematically shedding its own Lehman debt behind the scenes in advance of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, according to a claim filed today by the nationwide investor advocacy law firm… Read more »

SEC Warns Investors of the Dangers of Structured Products

Almost three years after the historic bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the Securities and Exchange Commission shows concerns that investors continue to be unaware of the potential risks of investing in structured products. Just last month, the SEC issued a notice reminding investors to carefully review the terms, risks, fees, and other not-so-apparent disclosures before deciding whether to… Read more »

Lehman Principal Protected Notes Investor Awarded $2.2 Million in FINRA Arbitration

In another clear signal that Lehman Notes investors may be able to recoup their losses, a FINRA Arbitration Panel sided this week with a wealthy couple who bought Lehman “100% principal protected” notes and other Lehman structured notes from UBS. Even better news for investors who have suffered Lehman losses is FINRA’s ruling that UBSmust not only buy back the… Read more »

Lehman’s bankruptcy exposed wrongdoing of other Wall Street Players

On the two year anniversary of its collapse and bankruptcy filing, many contend that Lehman Brothers hid the full extent of its problems from the outside world until the bankruptcy.  While this may be true with respect to main street investors, don’t let Wall Street fool you into thinking that its major players didn’t see it coming…. Read more »

ARS and Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes sales pushed by UBS: A double dose of disgust

Vernon Litigation Group’s ongoing investigation of the sale of Lehman Brothers structured notes by UBS is turning up evidence consistent with the allegations of wrongdoing made by New Hampshire securities regulators against UBS. The Vernon Litigation Group investigation and the claim from securities regulators reveal a pattern of behavior by UBS that shows that the firm aggressively… Read more »

Lehman Brothers attempts to convert Archstone REIT deal debt

According to Reuters, Lehman Brothers is continuing its efforts to convert some of the $5 billion plus debt obligation from its 2007 leveraged buyout of Archstone Real Estate Investment Trust (Archstone REIT) into the equivalent of preferred stock and extend the repayment date on the balance of the debt. As mentioned in an earlier commentary I wrote… Read more »

Investor wins again in Lehman note arbitration case against UBS

Lehman structured note investors have reason to celebrate again. With the latest Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration ruling announced last week, UBS customers who lost money on Lehman Brothers principal protected notes are now five for five, with the decisions going against UBS and in favor of the customers in every reported case. In the latest reported… Read more »